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How to donate from Germany

Civil society in Israel now urgently needs our support to defend democracy, the rule of law, human and civil rights.

With your donation you can support the work of the New Israel Fund (NIF), its action arm Shatil and our Jewish and Palestinian partner organizations in Israel.
Here you can find a list of organizations currently supported by NIF.

To enable NIF Germany to manage donations and engage in public education and outreach, there is an administration fee of 10%. For donations over 15 euros, you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt in accordance with German law. For this purpose, please state your name and address on the transfer or contact us:

Please transfer donations to:

NIF Neuer Israel Fonds Deutschland
IBAN: DE80 4306 0967 1168 4348 00
Bank: GLS-Bank

You can also donate via direct debit or Paypal. Please keep in mind that Paypal charges 1,5% ples 0,35 EUR fees per donation.

For any questions please contact

How to donate to NIF or specific partner organizations:

  • Donate to NIF Israel:
    Your donation to the New Israel Fund in Israel ensures that around 400 civil society groups and organizations in Israel continue to receive financial and professional support in their commitment to justice and peace. With a general donation to NIF, you give us the flexibility to allocate ressources where they are most needed.

  • Donate to NIF emergency response to save democracy:
    At the start of 2023 NIF launched an emergency response to support democratic civil society in Israel in their struggle against the judicical overhaul, to safeguard democracy and protect civil and human rights. As part of this plan more than 40 organisations have received emergency grants from NIF. To support the emergency response, please use the designation "Emergency response" on the transfer or contact our office.

  • Donations to a specific organisation in Israel:
    You can donate specifically to the organizations supported by the NIF. Please indicate the name of the organization on the transfer or contact our office.


NIF Neuer Israel Fonds Deutschland
IBAN: DE80 4306 0967 1168 4348 00
Bank: GLS-Bank

Sie können auch per Lastschriftverfahren spenden.

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