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Als jüdische Historiker sehen wir nur einen Weg nach vorne — Trump muss des Amtes enthoben werden

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb. 2021

Eine Stellungnahme jüdischer Historiker zu den Ereignissen des 6. Januar 2021 am Kapitol der Vereinigten Staaten

Von David N. Myers (Präsident des NIF) and Todd Presner

Unsplash / Cameron Smith

Diese Stellungnahme wurde unter dem Titel "As Jewish historians, we see only one path forward — Trump must be removed from office" auf veröffentlicht und kann hier im Original nachgelesen werden:

As scholars of Jewish studies, we are deeply attuned to the convulsions of modern history. We are also cautious about making historical analogies that smooth over the rough crevices of the past. And yet, after witnessing Wednesday’s attempted putsch at the Capitol, it is impossible not to be reminded of the grave dangers of complicity, both active and passive, with an unhinged and egomaniacal autocrat. We know well how such forms of complicity proved deadly to Jews in the 20th century.

On Wednesday, an unruly mob, animated both by anti-democratic sensibilities and white supremacy, marched through the halls of the Capitol with a confederate flag, set up a noose across from the Capitol and donned shirts mocking the Holocaust. They ransacked offices, defaced the rotunda, occupied the congressional chambers and took selfies to normalize their hatred inside our nation’s greatest edifice of democracy.

The fact is that members of Congress, law enforcement officials and the rioters themselves all bear degrees of responsibility for yesterday’s travesty. Of course, the chief culprit is Donald J. Trump, who long ago abdicated any meaningful commitment to the presidential oath of office “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” His incitement of the angry mob warrants immediate removal from office, either through impeachment or enactment of the 25th Amendment.

Furthermore, it would be an abdication of responsibility not to censure those Senators and Congresspeople who so recklessly perpetuated the lie of a stolen election that has shaken the foundations of American democracy to the core. And it is necessary to investigate the manifold failures of the various law enforcement agencies in Washington to anticipate the angry mob and prevent it from breaking into the Capitol.

We know well how lethal it can be to fail to call out complicity with corrupt and immoral regimes. We know how dangerous it is to ignore the steep erosion of democratic values and principles in this country over the past four years. And we condemn — in the strongest possible terms — the culture of violence and hate that white supremacy has produced in this country. The time has come to restore legitimacy to government and the rule of law by holding to account those responsible for yesterday’s violent insurrection.


David N. Myers, UCLA

Todd Presner, UCLA

Mara Benjamin, Mount Holyoke College

Lila Corwin Berman, Temple University

Corinne Blackmer, Southern Connecticut State University

Barry Trachtenberg, Wake Forest University

Beth Wenger, University of Pennsylvania

Miriam Mora, Independent Scholar

Ra’anan Boustan, Princeton University

Joshua Shanes, College of Charleston

Hasia Diner, New York University

Ross Brann, Cornell University

Susannah Heschel, Dartmouth College

Rachel Deblinger, UCLA

Andrea Lieber, Dickinson College

Martin Kavka, Florida State University

Devi Mays, University of Michigan

Jonathan Judaken, Rhodes College

David Teutsch, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

Jessica Cooperman, Muhlenberg College

Robert Weinberg, Swarthmore College

Rachel Baum, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Pamela Nadell, American University

Hannah Greene, New York University

Rachel Rafeal Neis, University of Michigan

Kirsten Fermaglich, Michigan State University

Jeffrey Veidlinger, University of Michigan

Nora Rubel, University of Rochester

Sebastian Wogenstein, University of Connecticut

Douglas Morris, Independent Scholar

Darcy Buerkle, Smith College

Anita Norich, University of Michigan

Daniel Schwartz, George Washington University

Mir Yarfitz, Wake Forest University

Gail Reimer, Jewish Women’s Archive

Dov Weiss, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Benjamin Schreier, Pennsylvania State University

Hartley Lachter, Lehigh University

Elliot Ratzman, Grinnell College

Jonathan Boyarin, Cornell University

Krista Dalton, Kenyon College

Mark Bauman, Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Susan Einbinder, University of Connecticut

Jessica Andruss, University of Virginia

Ronald Bayor, Georgia Tech

Irene Tucker, University of California, Irvine

Diane Wolfthal, Rice University

Lital Levy, Princeton University

Geoffrey Claussen, Elon University

Barbara Mann, Jewish Theological Seminary

Deborah Hertz, University of California, San Diego

Lawrence Rosenwald, Wellesley College

Francesca Bregoli, City University of New York

Camille Shira Angel, University of San Francisco

David Fishman, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Marc Caplan, Dartmouth College

Nadia Malinovich, CNRS Research University (France)

Alma Heckman, University of California, Santa Cruz

Sarah Willen, University of Connecticut

Miriam Udel, Emory University

Sam Shuman, University of Michigan

Shaul Magid, Dartmouth College

Ruth Tsoffar, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Bruce Rosenstock, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Elissa Sampson, Cornell

Aaron Hahn Tapper, University of San Francisco

Erin Graff Zivin, University of Southern California

Lois Dubin, Smith College

Emil Kerenji, Independent Scholar

Cheryl Greenberg, Trinity College

Schneur Newfield, Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)

Jacob Labendz, Youngstown State University

Joel Gereboff, Arizona State University

Jeffrey Grossman, University of Virginia

Kate Rosenblatt, Emory University

Brett Kaplan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Shaul Kelner, Vanderbilt University

Ashley Walters, College of Charleston

Marion Kaplan, New York University

Joel Berkowitz, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

David Biale, University of California, Davis

Talya Fishman, University of Pennsylvania

Nathaniel Berman, Brown University

Aryeh Cohen, American Jewish University

Ronnie Grinberg, University of Oklahoma

Jeffrey Blutinger, California State University Long Beach

Sarah Zarrow, Western Washington University

Marjorie N. Feld, Babson College

Riv-Ellen Prell, University of Minnesota

Libby Garland, Kingsborough Community College (CUNY)

Liora Halperin, University of Washington

Jason Lustig, University of Texas at Austin

Sasha Senderovich, University of Washington

Michael Rothberg, UCLA

Diane Wolf, University of California, Davis

Karen Grumberg, University of Texas at Austin

Elissa Bemporad, Queens College and The Graduate Center (CUNY)

Ofer Ashkenazi, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ava Kahn, Chayes Productions

Ilana Abramovitch, Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY)

Ari Y Kelman, Stanford University

Oren Kroll-Zeldin, University of San Francisco

Alexis Herr, University of San Francisco

Amie Espen Dowling, University of San Francisco

Susanne Hoelscher, University of San Francisco

Camille Shira Angel, University of San Francisco

Judith Gerson, Rutgers University

Karla Goldman, University of Michigan

Laura Levitt, Temple University

Dov Waxman, UCLA

Sarah Anne Minkin, University of California, Berkeley

Zohar Weiman-Kelman, Ben Gurion University

Amanda Ruppenthal Stein, Carroll University

Elliot Neaman, University of San Francisco

Sander Gilman, Emory University

Michal Raucher, Rutgers University

Shawn Landres, Jumpstart Labs

Todd Endelman, University of Michigan

Katherine Sorrels, University of Cincinnati

Jonathan Krasner, Brandeis University

Tim Langille, Arizona State University

Camille Shira Angel, University of San Francisco

Paula Birnbaum, University of San Francisco

Jessica Marglin, University of Southern California

Sarah Benor, Hebrew Union College

Deborah Dash Moore, University of Michigan

Diana Linden, Independent Scholar

Sandra Fox, Stanford University

Shana Sippy, Centre College

Dalit Gvirtsman, University of San Francisco

Dina Rosenfeld, NYU

Adrienne Krone, Allegheny College

Mark Baker, Monash University

Paula Sanders, Rice University

Leslie Morris, University of Minnesota

Maya Soifer Irish, Rice University

Alexandra Zirkle, University at Buffalo

Tally Amir, Boston University

Atina Grossmann, Cooper Union

Shirley Idelson, Brandeis University

Keren McGinity, Hadassah-Brandeis Institute

Curtis Hutt, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Paula Sanders, Rice University

Brian Ogren, Rice University

Julie Harris, Independent Scholar

Glenn Dynner, Sarah Lawrence College

Susan Shapiro, The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Zachary Braiterman, Syracuse University

ChaeRan Freeze, Brandeis University

Jack Jacobs, John Jay College and the Graduate Center (CUNY)

Debra Schultz, CUNY

Eugene Sheppard, Brandeis University

Yair Mintzker, Princeton University

Leslie Morris, University of Minnesota

Golan Moskowitz, Tulane University

Marsha Rozenblit, University of Maryland

Mira Sucharov, Carleton University

Harry Kashdan, The Ohio State University

Adam Shear, University of Pittsburgh

Judith Steinhoff, University of Houston

Jessica Carr, Lafayette College

Shari Rabin, Oberlin College

Elias Sacks, University of Colorado Boulder

Andrew Bush, Vassar College

Alyssa Henning, Independent Scholar

Arlene Stein, Rutgers University

Lori Gemeiner Bihler, Framingham State University

Bernard Levinson, University of Minnesota

Noam Sienna, University of St. Thomas

Colby Townsend, Indiana University Bloomington

Shana Minkin, University of the South

Ranen Omer-Sherman, University of Louisville

Michael Rom, University of Cape Town

Ashley Bacchi, Starr King School for the Ministry

Eva Mroczek, University of California, Davis

Leah Garrett, Hunter College, CUNY

Karen Auerbach, University of North Carolina

Julia Watts Belser, Georgetown University

Claire Sufrin, Northwestern University

Joel Rubin, Associate Professor, McIntire Department of Music, University of Virginia

Marc Dollinger, San Francisco State University

Avinoam Patt, University of Connecticut

Robin Doroshow, Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

David Zvi Kalman, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America

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Michael DeVries, Azusa Pacific University

Neta Stahl, Johns Hopkins University

Philip Yoo, The University of Texas at Austin

Nick Underwood, The College of Idaho

Sarah Stein, UCLA

Joshua Furman, Rice University

Deb Donig, Cal Poly

Laura Yares, Michigan State

William Plevan, Gratz College

Rachel Kranson, University of Pittsburgh

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